Cast and Crew

Eric Lindstrom – Director / Writer
Eric attended film school at Southern Illinois University.  During the summer breaks, he worked as a freelance grip and P.A. in Chicago.  While working on a commercial for Seiko Watches, Eric had the fortune of meeting documentarian Albert Maysles.  He relocated to Oregon, and was soon working on low-budget features, including one staring Portland rocker, Dan Reed.  After being hospitalized for schizophrenia for the fifth time, he was hired as a delivery driver for a local pharmacy.  This allowed him insurance for required medication.  He took up songwriting and camping, but never let go of the idea of making an independent film.  Making the short film “Cat” was a way of “giving back” to the countless souls who helped him on his journey of mental health and those who were to follow.  Eric lives in Portland, Oregon, and enjoys wilderness backpacking.  He looks forward to his next film project. 

Sam Garr – Director of Photography
Sam has worked as a 1st AC for 10 years in the Pacific Northwest.  He is fortunate enough to have straddled the line between film production and the advent of digital production, cherishing the experience of motion picture film and carrying that knowledge into the digital frontier. He has taken every opportunity to step into the Camera Operator role, shooting low-budget music videos, shorts, features, and commercial spots, further developing his skill behind the camera.  For the past 5 years, Sam has carefully entered the realm of the Cinematographer. Shooting several commercial spots, a dramatic short, and several music videos, he strives to make his work the best it can possibly be. In 2014, he had the distinct fortune to meet and collaborate with Eric Lindstrom on his short film, “Cat”, as well as bringing in his long-time partner-in-crime, the subtle and brilliant Sam Naiman.  Sam currently lives in Portland, Oregon, and hungrily searches for his next project.

Alexandre Lindstrom-Vautrin – Assistant Camera
Originally from Brookline, Massachusetts , Alexandre took an early interest in film-making.  His student works include “The Mad Russian” and “An Odyssey in Feathers”, which have a sensibility for the absurd.  After high school, Alexandre spent a number of months volunteering in Kenya, an invaluable experience.  Working on “Cat” as assistant camera opened his mind to a new artistic identity, born of focus, intention, and purpose.  Alexandre is currently attending Vanderbilt University studying engineering, as well as some film courses.  His interests include running marathons, travel, jazz guitar, and making mushroom risottos.

Deborah Jensen – Lead actor (Cat)
Deborah graduated from Southern Oregon University with a  degree in Theatre Arts,  Theatre Performance.  She has acted in 10 short films and a number of T.V. movies.  Her attraction to independent film is borne from an urge to make real, positive social change.  There are certain juicy rolls that feed her soul.  Hollywood is a figurative beast, in her view, but being in close proximity allows her influence more directly.  Drive Theatre, The Illyrian Players, and Finite Film, are a few of her collaborators.  Deborah is currently based in Los Angeles and loves hiking in the desert.

T2 Headshot
Tabitha Trosen – Supporting Actor (Katrina)
Tabitha received formal training at the Portland Actors Conservatory, as well as instruction under acting teacher Shelly Lipkin.  She earned her bachelors degree  in international business and is versed in stage combat and clown.  Her most recent film roll was Melanie in the 2015 short “Listen, Darkling.”  On the stage, she shines as Lorna at the Lakewood Theatre in “Golden Boy.”  Past performances include:  Jenny McConnik in “In The Forest, She Grew Fangs” (Defunkt),  Paulinka in “A Bright Room Called Day” (PAC), and “Gruesome Playground Injuries,” which she also produced.  Tabitha lives in Portland, Oregon where she enjoys friends, family, and dining out.

16-01-24 JAY-1150828
Joie Hoppe – Supporting Actor (Jess)
Joie “Jay” Zheng is currently a student at Southern Oregon University majoring in Emerging Media and Digital Arts.  Besides acting, she is also interested in other aspects of film production including editing and directing.  Joie volunteers with the Ashland Independent Film Festival and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  She is also a member of Southern Oregon Film and Media and on the executive board of directors as a secretary for the university’s film club.  Joie lives in Ashland, Oregon and publishes much of her own filmmaker content to the internet, as well as, photography, journalism, and art.

Jack Saturn – Supervising Sound Editor
Jack is a freelance sound engineer and music producer working out of his Oregon-based studio, Recursive Delete Audio/Visual.  He has an amazing sense of sound, in that he can easily distinguish textures, spaces, and the mechanics of the human voice.  The mark of excellent sound in a film is that the audience doesn’t notice the sound.  The sound and much of the music in Cat was essentially entirely reconstructed from the guide tracks.  Parts of the ADR were recorded from Los Angeles over the internet back to Portland.  The resulting soundtrack is nothing short of miraculous.  Jack lives in Portland, Oregon where he has also done music recording for:  Queued Up, Hearts & Tigers, Bubble Cats, The Harmony Motel and Pokey Twig.

Sam Naiman – Steadicam Operator
Sam Naiman works as a commercial steadicam operator and lives in Portland, Oregon.  He’s flown cameras to enliven creativity on ads for Apple, Nike, Union Pacific, Microsoft, and Adidas.  When he’s not strapped into the rig, he can be found hiking, fishing, or designing his own camera accessories with James Brown blaring in the background.  He has had the distinct privilege of collaborating with CAT’s cinematographer Sam Garr for the last decade.