After being released from psychiatric hospitalization, a young woman finds hiking boots, which inspires a life-changing walking journey. She doesn’t know where she’s going, but she’ll know when she gets there.

Donning her new boots, a pack on her back and a hat to shade her face, Cat hoofs it out of the chaotic city and into the simplicity of the wilderness. Along the way she is haunted by dreams of the past, the voice of god, and an ill spirit in the forest. The film’s haltingly quiet visual style conjures the character’s psychiatric episodes, against the backdrop of breathtaking Oregon sites.

Cat follows the schizophrenic woman as she experiences a walkabout of sorts. She observes the visions and voices in her head to wrestle with god, discover friendship and transform into a new self.

Putting a sympathetic face to schizophrenia, ultimately, Cat is a story of acceptance and hope.